My name is Esa Lehtinen (MSc, MBA) and I’m working as a business coach, consultant, and  as a mentor and blogger too. I am very experienced in my work, because I have coached in various companies of different sizes, as well as other organizations in Finland and in the Baltic countries, Russia and Central Europe for over 20 years. My special areas are leadership, personnel interaction and cooperation skills, and the development of performance skills. I work in Finland as a consultant and business coach at Koulutuspalvelut Esa Consulting. The company was founded in 1995. I have also worked since 2005 as CEO and senior partner at a consulting company which operates in Estonia and other Baltic countries, Russia and Central Europe.

Koulutuspalvelut EsaConsulting specializes in leadership and personnel development projects in Finland and in many other European countries too. The company’s main products are

Leadership Training and Personnel Development Training (leaders, teams, executive boards and boards of directors)

Presentation skills (TV-presentations, lectures, argumentation skills, negotiations, meetings)

Theme lectures from different management and leadership areas (e.g. new leadership, self-governance, emotional intelligence and emotional leadership, network management, multicultural workplace)